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The Full Story

Working in Retail Ecommerce for the last 8 years, I've seen countless brands struggle to identify and solve their problems on Amazon.  Most brands look to outside experts for assistance but wind up jumping from one agency or consultant  to another every year or two with the same complaints and core problems. And it is not surprising, with so many choices for agencies and tools it is far too easy to make the wrong choice. In 2021, I founded Bearing Marketing & Consulting to help Brands conduct true root cause analysis and guide their search for the right partners. 

Happy ever after right?... not quite. Even when making the right initial move for your brand you are heavily reliant on the experience and expertise of your main point of contact. What happens when this person no longer has enough time for you? How about when they get shifted off your business or leave the company?  It is a big issue that almost everyone in Retail Ecommerce has experienced. I have experienced this myself and it can really set you back. I have also seen the root causes for these situations while leading large media teams and it is frustrating but preventable. 

It is these experiences that gave me the confidence to launch Bearing Ecommerce, A Retail Ecommerce  agency that can create long term partnerships through focusing on the right things and delivering a custom and evolving engagement model. 

So how is Bearing Ecommerce Different? We don't just talk about creating a partnership, we live it! Here are a few things that make us unique

- "Fit"  is important to us. If Bearing is not the right partner for you, we will give you complementary solution consultation to help you find that right fit. We do not force a fit that is not there in order to prioritize our revenue above yours. 


- We don't have a sales team to bait and switch. Instead, we have you interview your main point-of-contact (POC) before signing any paperwork. And if we do sign a long-term engagement, this particular POC is in that agreement. If they ever shift off of your business, you are free to renegotiate your current contract with Bearing Ecommerce or look for a different partner. We are confident that if we support and care for our team, they will do the same for you.

- Bearing Ecommerce will partner with any SaaS company to ensure you get the best possible value (results/cost). We also want you to hold the keys. That means our preferred deals are to broker a contract between you and the SaaS company, so you are not completely reliant on Bearing Ecommerce. 

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